Balancing Act: Functional Test and Assessments for Balance and Fall Risk – NY


This course provides learners with state-of-the-art literature on orthopedic special tests for the upper extremity, with attention to the statistics that support and/or dispute the continued relevance of each.

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Census data tells us that elderly populations are growing at an unprecedented rate – and we know as therapists that the elderly have the greatest risk of fall-related injury or death. This course presents a discussion of risk factors for falls,followed by an examination of evidence-based tests and assessments for balance and fall risk, including screening tools for cognitive impairment, functional tests pertaining to balance and fall risk, and questionnaires that assess confidence with mobility and concern for falling. It concludes with an overview of fall-related resources.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Identify statistics pertaining to falls and fall-related injuries
  • Recognize age related physiological changes, with attention to how each contributes to fall risk
  • Distinguish between screening tools for cognition
  • Distinguish between screening tools for balance and fall risk
  • Recall fall-related resources available to patients, caregivers, and health care worker