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Physical therapy continuing education

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Helps You Help the Elderly

Physical therapy is proven to help clients with a variety of health conditions, many of which afflict the elderly. Understanding the impact of activity should help guide you in your pursuit of the best physical therapy continuing education courses. As you pursue physical therapy as a career, you will find that it offers multiple benefits for elderly clients. In fact, recent studies suggest that physical therapy may have more benefits than previously known. Physical Therapy May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk Studies suggest [...]

Speech therapy continuing education

Speech Therapy Con Ed Helps Practitioners Provide Integrative Services

Push-in speech therapy has taken hold as a popular integrative therapy for children in school. Not exactly sure how to put these techniques to use as a therapist? Speech therapy continuing education may be the key to keeping you up-to-date on the latest methods. Gone are the days when students were called out to therapy one by one for just an hour a week. Now, changes in teaching allow students to benefit from several models suitable for speech therapy.  What Is [...]

PT continuing education

5 Ways Physical Therapists Use Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

Physical therapists are always looking for new recommendations for their clients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses. Finding a physical activity that not only appeals to clients but also keeps them safe is difficult. While you might not expect it, Tai Chi is a common technique recommended to clients as a form of physical therapy. This low-impact exercise is aerobic while also offering increases in muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. Tai Chi was developed in China as a stretching, strengthening, [...]

Social work continuing education

Help Fight Addiction with Social Work Continuing Education

Social workers play an essential part in assisting people with substance abuse issues. In fact, fighting addiction is one of many roles social workers fill. It is not simply that social workers possess an unattainable toolbox of skills to fight substance abuse. Rather, social workers study and gather experience that helps them become successful. If you are considering becoming a social worker who specializes in substance abuse disorder and its effects, understanding the role these professionals play will help you [...]