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Understanding the Privacy Issues Related to Speech Pathology Services

Anybody in a medical field is obligated to protect patient privacy. Speech pathologists must remain compliant with HIPAA like... read more

OT continuing education

7 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy month, delivering the perfect opportunity to honor a profession that gives back so much to... read more

Physical therapy continuing education

Exploring the Importance of Cultural Competence for Physical Therapists

Cultural competence is the ability to understand how behaviors and attitudes coincide with cultural issues. In your physical therapy... read more

Speech Therapy CEUs

4 Ways Speech Pathologists Help Stroke Victims

A stroke is a severe medical issue that may result in temporary or permanent paralysis on one side of... read more

Social worker continuing education

6 Tips to Avoid Social Worker Burnout

Social workers play an essential role in the communities they serve, and yet they are also among the individuals... read more

Occupational therapy

The Aging Workforce: How Occupational Therapists Aid Older Factory Employees

As the American workforce ages, employees are staying employed far longer than in generations past. The result is that... read more

Physical therapy CEU

Physical Therapy for Dementia Patients: What We Know Now

Healthcare professionals are still learning much about dementia, and research suggests that individuals experiencing cognitive decline may benefit from... read more

Speech pathology CEUs

How Speech Language Pathologists Spend Their Day

Speech pathologists are professionals who spend their time caring for clients who may have disorders with speech and communication.... read more