Man receiving occupational therapy in a pool.

5 Ways Occupational Therapists Help Clients with Productive Aging

Baby boomers entering their retirement years have not only increased the need for occupational therapists, but they have also influenced the material OTs need to understand. Occupational therapists are tasked with helping baby boomers age productively. Productive aging allows baby boomers to continue contributing to their community, society, family, and even their own health decisions.…

Girl receiving physical therapy.

What Physical Therapists Should Know about Multi-State Licensure

Multi-state licensure is a topic of increasing interest in the physical therapy community. With the promise of a Physical Therapy Licensure Compact expanding throughout the states, physical therapists are dreaming of new opportunities thanks to the improved portability of licensure. Already, some states recognize the physical therapy licensure of other states, allowing physical therapists to…

Older gentleman working with exercise bands with a physical therapist.

Have You Considered Occupational Therapy as a Second Career?

People often find themselves dissatisfied with their original career choices. Many reasons exist to pursue a second career, including financial stability and emotional fulfillment. Occupational therapy is a fantastic industry to consider for a second career. Occupational therapists help individuals with injuries and illnesses develop practical skills. Successful completion of treatment means that your client…