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How to Choose the Right Continuing Education Program as a Physical Therapist

Are you renewing your physical therapy license or expanding your knowledge to further your career? Every therapist must eventually consider continuing education programs. If you’re not checking in on these already, it may be time to consider a few. These lessons offer a way to stay up-to-date with trends while maintaining and expounding upon your knowledge, making you a better physical therapist and a better employee. But how do you know which continuing education program to choose? We have all the answers [...]


Learn More About the 6 Different Types of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists see a wide range of patients with problems from pain management to problems with the circulatory system. As the baby boomer generation ages, the amount of demand for physical therapy will skyrocket. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of physical therapy jobs available will increase by 28% by 2026! It is important to learn and practice as many kinds of physical therapy so you have the knowledge required to help the most people possible. There are 6 [...]

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OTs, What Will You Do to Support Backpack Awareness Day?

As school settles into session, many parents will be worried about the backpacks their children are carrying to school each day. Children who wear backpacks incorrectly or ones that are loaded with too much weight may face discomfort, muscle soreness, fatigue, and lower back pain. On September 26th, the American Occupational Therapy Association will hold its annual National Backpack Awareness Day. On this day, occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and students will come together to help the community learn more about [...]

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A Look at Salary Data for Speech Language Pathologists Nationwide

Speech-language pathology is a career field many people don’t even realize exists until they require the industry’s services. In truth, this field is diverse, offering several types of positions around the country. In analyzing the recent results from the ASHA Health Care Summary Report, it becomes clear that salary differs based on geography, job title, experience, and position. Curious about the results of the report? Keep reading to learn more. Speech-Language Pathologist Position The specific type of position you hold as a [...]

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Highlights from the Latest National Social Work Workforce Study

Social workers and social work students are diverse, and the latest National Social Workforce Study shows this. Created by the Council on Social Work Education and the National Workforce Initiative Steering Committee, the study sheds light on the current status of social work and those entering the community. From the result, we can glean the answers to many intriguing questions. Who Are Social Workers? Today’s social workers are predominantly female. In fact, women make up about 83 percent of all social [...]

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5 Ways Occupational Therapists Help Clients with Productive Aging

Baby boomers entering their retirement years have not only increased the need for occupational therapists, but they have also influenced the material OTs need to understand. Occupational therapists are tasked with helping baby boomers age productively. Productive aging allows baby boomers to continue contributing to their community, society, family, and even their own health decisions. As an occupational therapist, you can help your clients adjust to changes by developing useful action plans. 1. Strategizing for Chronic Diseases Many individuals are aging while [...]

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What Physical Therapists Should Know about Multi-State Licensure

Multi-state licensure is a topic of increasing interest in the physical therapy community. With the promise of a Physical Therapy Licensure Compact expanding throughout the states, physical therapists are dreaming of new opportunities thanks to the improved portability of licensure. Already, some states recognize the physical therapy licensure of other states, allowing physical therapists to continue practicing with just a few additional steps. The adoption of a multi-state compact is making headway, with Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Tennessee having [...]

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Handling the Speech Therapy Challenge of Working with Bilingual Children

Studies show humans learn multiple languages easier as children than as adults. Encouraging children to become bilingual is a great way to encourage communication skills, but what happens when a child may also present challenges with speech? For many years, a myth persisted that bilingual children naturally have language delays. Children learning two languages develop language skills sufficiently, according to recent research. Still, speech delays may develop in a bilingual child as often as they might in a child who [...]

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Social Work and Religion: The Changing Face of Spirituality

At first glance, it may seem that spirituality and religion go hand-in-hand. Many individuals identify as spiritual but not necessarily religious. As a social worker, this distinction can impact the role you take in your career. For instance, an individual may identify as spiritual without following any specific religion or without attending a church. People may find a connection with nature through spiritual practice, but not necessarily through a religious deity. The Relationship Between Spirituality, Religion, and Mental Health Conflicting studies present [...]

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Have You Considered Occupational Therapy as a Second Career?

People often find themselves dissatisfied with their original career choices. Many reasons exist to pursue a second career, including financial stability and emotional fulfillment. Occupational therapy is a fantastic industry to consider for a second career. Occupational therapists help individuals with injuries and illnesses develop practical skills. Successful completion of treatment means that your client can return to a normal daily routine, often including rewarding work and beloved hobbies. Occupational Therapy Is a Growing Field A growing demand for occupational therapy emerges [...]