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Girl receiving physical therapy.

What Physical Therapists Should Know about Multi-State Licensure

Multi-state licensure is a topic of increasing interest in the physical therapy community. With the promise of a Physical Therapy Licensure Compact expanding throughout the states, physical therapists are dreaming of new opportunities thanks to the improved portability of licensure. Already, some states recognize the physical therapy licensure of other states, allowing physical therapists to continue practicing with just a few additional steps. The adoption of a multi-state compact is making headway, with Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Tennessee having [...]

Couple reading to their son.

Handling the Speech Therapy Challenge of Working with Bilingual Children

Studies show humans learn multiple languages easier as children than as adults. Encouraging children to become bilingual is a great way to encourage communication skills, but what happens when a child may also present challenges with speech? For many years, a myth persisted that bilingual children naturally have language delays. Children learning two languages develop language skills sufficiently, according to recent research. Still, speech delays may develop in a bilingual child as often as they might in a child who [...]

Gold bound book open to the middle pages.

Social Work and Religion: The Changing Face of Spirituality

At first glance, it may seem that spirituality and religion go hand-in-hand. Many individuals identify as spiritual but not necessarily religious. As a social worker, this distinction can impact the role you take in your career. For instance, an individual may identify as spiritual without following any specific religion or without attending a church. People may find a connection with nature through spiritual practice, but not necessarily through a religious deity. The Relationship Between Spirituality, Religion, and Mental Health Conflicting studies present [...]