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Occupational therapy continuing education

Should Occupational Therapists Pursue Board or Specialty Certification?

When you go to work each day as an occupational therapist, you prepare your clients to pursue their goals. That being said, how often do you consider your own goals? As an occupational therapist, you already keep up with your continuing education coursework to continue working. Still, you might not yet have considered pursuing a specialty or board certification. With occupational therapy continuing education, you could be seeking new dreams of your own. The good news is you have many [...]


Ethics in Physical Therapy Continuing Education

If you are a physical therapist, you know that most states have educational requirements for ethical issues. PDH offers a course called  A Review of Ethical and Legal Concepts. Physical therapy continuing education encompasses a variety of ethical issues, ranging from malpractice to whistleblowing. When you begin working in your chosen industry, you will need to learn how to take quick action. Fortunately, coursework is available to ensure that you know about these critical components of physical therapy ethics. Physical therapists [...]

Physical therapy CE

6 Ways Osteoarthritis Patients Get Relief in Winter

Anybody who lives with osteoarthritis can tell you how much cold weather can intensify the pain the condition causes, especially in the hands. Your clients living with osteoarthritis face unique challenges, but as a physical therapist, you may be able to direct them in ways they will be able to find relief. Remember that patient education is one of your goals. Physical therapy CE may be the key to ensuring that you know exactly how to assist your clients. PDH [...]