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Woman working with a physical therapist.

What Are Clinic Metrics and Why Should Your PT Practice Track Them?

Physical therapy emphasizes more than world-class patient care. Therapists are also focused on doing good business. One way physical therapists maintain strong businesses is by paying close attention to clinic metrics. What Are Clinic Metrics? Clinic metrics are figures used to measure the efforts of your physical therapy practice. You can use these metrics to create targets for goal achievement or to modify current practices. In many cases, clinic metrics provide the information you can use to improve your clinic’s performance. Which [...]

Young woman meeting with a social worker.

Do Social Workers Have a Higher Risk of Behavioral Health Issues?

Social work can be a stressful undertaking. Anyone who attempts to tackle social work as a career must understand how to prioritize self-care. While recent studies may indicate that behavioral issues are common among social workers, this need not be the case. With self-care and social worker continuing education, you can be successful in a challenging career.  The Challenges Associated With Being a Social Worker Staff retention and high turnover rates are critical factors every employer considers when hiring social workers. [...]

Man holding his elbow in his opposite hand.

Exploring Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Physical therapists can vouch for the popularity of injuries linked to tennis elbow. Therapists treat issues related to tennis elbow all the time using a variety of techniques. Some are tried and true, and some are more experimental, but clients benefit from regular sessions. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding tennis elbow is that you need to play tennis to have it. This arm injury is one that can impact anybody who often uses their hand or wrist to grip [...]