What Are Clinic Metrics and Why Should Your PT Practice Track Them?

Woman working with a physical therapist.

What Are Clinic Metrics and Why Should Your PT Practice Track Them?

Physical therapy emphasizes more than world-class patient care. Therapists are also focused on doing good business. One way physical therapists maintain strong businesses is by paying close attention to clinic metrics.

What Are Clinic Metrics?

Clinic metrics are figures used to measure the efforts of your physical therapy practice. You can use these metrics to create targets for goal achievement or to modify current practices. In many cases, clinic metrics provide the information you can use to improve your clinic’s performance.

Which Clinic Metrics Matter to Physical Therapists?


One of the first metrics physical therapists pay attention to is referrals. You need to know who is sending the most clients over to your practice. Are other physicians directing patients to you? Are people reading online reviews? You are wise to keep track of the total referrals, top referrers, and insurance companies sending patients over.


Physical therapy CEU can teach you a lot about productivity, but your clinic metrics will allow you to set goals for yourself and your business. First, you want to know how many patients are seen at your location in addition to each therapist’s specific number of patients.

You can also see signs of productivity in the rate of patient arrival. How effective are the reminders you send to your patients? Would your time sending reminders be better spent revamping the system?

Pinpointing a flux in traffic can also help you determine if your marketing campaigns are working. Where do your efforts and the largest number of new patients coincide?

Clinics can also assess the efficacy of their physical therapists by analyzing metrics surrounding the average number of visits per case.

Woman working with a physical therapist.

Even physical therapists who are passionate about their job want to know how effectively their clinics are operating.


When you assess the complete revenue, not just income, of your business, you can learn a lot about the efficacy of your billing system. Metrics like the total charges billed to clients and insurance companies can also provide an excellent opportunity for your clinic to forecast future income. The clinic can even compare this to the average amount of time it takes the practice to collect on payments.

You can also assess the average numbers of charges per visit or per therapist to learn more about the performance of the employees. Who is the most productive physical therapist in the office?

Employee Satisfaction

When your employees are happy, the office is typically a much more productive place. Metrics demonstrating employee satisfaction come from surveys and discussions. Even anonymous questionnaires can provide insight into taking care of your employees so that they provide clients with an excellent first impression of the clinic.

How Can Physical Therapists Improve their Metrics?

Participating in a physical therapy CEUs is among the best methods of improving clinic metrics. Education can help you better understand metrics and the role they play in helping you establish a successful clinic. Check out Physical Therapy Courses to learn more.

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