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Woman working on a weight machine being assisted by a physical therapist.

6 Ways to Improve the Physical Therapy Patient’s Experience

While the patients who come in for physical therapy treatment are often in pain, professionals can ease some stress associated with appointments by improving the patient experience. Physical therapy continuing education helps lay groundwork for this concept, but you can also use some creativity to establish techniques for gaining new clients and keeping the old. 1. Allow Online Appointment Scheduling Many patients cannot make appointments via phone during business hours. If you establish a system on the web that allows your [...]


Addressing Difficult Behavior During Speech Therapy

Speech therapists are instrumental in helping many young clients deal with the challenges speech presents. Speech does not come easily to everybody, which can lead to some frustrating circumstances. Speech therapists who work with children should address difficult behaviors before they progress. Many speech pathology CEUs cover behavioral issues, especially considering that disruptions can lower the productivity of a therapy session. When you meet with a client only once or twice each week, each session matters. You must address challenges [...]

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6 Non-Traditional Occupational Therapy Jobs

Most occupational therapists provide physical therapy sessions in a clinical or hospital setting. Caring for patients is a significant portion of an occupational therapist’s day. You may not have heard of non-traditional options for occupational therapists, but they exist. If providing direct patient care is not right for you or you want to try something new, OT continuing education can help you pursue one of these other options. 1. Ergonomics and Workplace Evaluator The individuals who assess a workplace to ensure that [...]

Woman working with a physical therapist.

What Are Clinic Metrics and Why Should Your PT Practice Track Them?

Physical therapy emphasizes more than world-class patient care. Therapists are also focused on doing good business. One way physical therapists maintain strong businesses is by paying close attention to clinic metrics. What Are Clinic Metrics? Clinic metrics are figures used to measure the efforts of your physical therapy practice. You can use these metrics to create targets for goal achievement or to modify current practices. In many cases, clinic metrics provide the information you can use to improve your clinic’s performance. Which [...]

Young woman meeting with a social worker.

Do Social Workers Have a Higher Risk of Behavioral Health Issues?

Social work can be a stressful undertaking. Anyone who attempts to tackle social work as a career must understand how to prioritize self-care. While recent studies may indicate that behavioral issues are common among social workers, this need not be the case. With self-care and social worker continuing education, you can be successful in a challenging career.  The Challenges Associated With Being a Social Worker Staff retention and high turnover rates are critical factors every employer considers when hiring social workers. [...]

Man holding his elbow in his opposite hand.

Exploring Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Physical therapists can vouch for the popularity of injuries linked to tennis elbow. Therapists treat issues related to tennis elbow all the time using a variety of techniques. Some are tried and true, and some are more experimental, but clients benefit from regular sessions. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding tennis elbow is that you need to play tennis to have it. This arm injury is one that can impact anybody who often uses their hand or wrist to grip [...]

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Speech Therapy Services for Toddlers

Parents often worry that their child is not developing normally. Learning that one’s child is not following a traditional trajectory for development can be difficult to contend with, but the good news is that speech therapy services are available. Speech delays are not uncommon in children, but toddlers who do not hit the marks on the checklist consistently may require some extra help. What Are Signs a Child Needs a Speech Evaluation? One of the first things to determine is the parameters [...]

Physical therapy continuing education

What Are Some of the Ethics Associated with Being an Occupational Therapist?

Protecting clients and the integrity of occupational therapy is one crucial component associated with the ethics board overseeing the industry. Breaking ethical codes has real consequences, and for this reason staying up to date with occupational therapy continuing education is critical. Ethical guidelines are important because having a set of regulations helps to keep a sense of integrity in the industry. Ethics regulations also help to keep clients physically and emotionally safe. If you are just starting out in occupational [...]

Physical therapy continuing education

How the Recent Blood Pressure Guideline Changes Could Impact Your PT Business

Physical therapy continuing education requires professionals to stay up to date with changing guidelines and restrictions. As part of working in the medical community, physical therapists are required to pay close attention to new findings that may impact the way they work with patients and clients. According to the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association, blood pressure guidelines have changed. New findings suggest some changes to the way the medical community will assess hypertension and pre-hypertension. If you are [...]

Social work continuing education

What is Social Work’s Role in Fighting This Nation’s Opioid Epidemic?

Record numbers of deaths resulting from drug overdose linked to opioids are occurring throughout the United States. At the same time, children with parents misusing drugs are placed into the foster care system at a staggering rate. Fighting this nation’s opioid epidemic is becoming more critical now than ever, and social work may play a crucial role in the ongoing battle. The world of social work is expanding, and social work continuing education is expected to see a boost. The [...]