Addressing Difficult Behavior During Speech Therapy

Speech therapists are instrumental in helping many young clients deal with the challenges speech presents. Speech does not come easily to everybody, which can lead to some frustrating circumstances. Speech therapists who work with children should address difficult behaviors before they progress. Many speech pathology CEUs cover behavioral issues, especially considering that disruptions can lower…

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6 Non-Traditional Occupational Therapy Jobs

Most occupational therapists provide physical therapy sessions in a clinical or hospital setting. Caring for patients is a significant portion of an occupational therapist’s day. You may not have heard of non-traditional options for occupational therapists, but they exist. If providing direct patient care is not right for you or you want to try something…

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Speech Therapy Services for Toddlers

Parents often worry that their child is not developing normally. Learning that one’s child is not following a traditional trajectory for development can be difficult to contend with, but the good news is that speech therapy services are available. Speech delays are not uncommon in children, but toddlers who do not hit the marks on…