7 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

OT continuing education

7 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy month, delivering the perfect opportunity to honor a profession that gives back so much to the community. While occupational therapists are often overlooked in the healthcare field, they certainly should not be.

By taking a few steps to improve the atmosphere of your office and its connection with your community, you can enhance not only your business but also the understanding of occupational therapy as a field. Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month is a breeze with this simple guide.

1. Post on Social Media

Social media offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the vital work that occupational therapists do.  You can show the public why your work is crucial to the community by providing concrete examples of work your office has accomplished.

Public interaction on social media can include safety tips and information about helpful gadgets that benefit your clients. Ask questions and receive real public feedback.

2. Educate the Public

During the month of April, make it a priority to educate the public. You might consider traveling to local elementary schools to speak about safety tips or even attending high schools to talk about your career field.

If you are unable to take time off to visit schools, consider hosting a contest for the public. Invite members of the community to submit stories or art relating to occupational therapy for a small prize.

 3. Throw an Office Party

A small office get-together shows the employees at your workplace that you appreciate everything they do. From OT continuing education to daily tasks, the work you do each day is a challenge. An office awards ceremony, luncheon, or even small breakfast can boost morale and show appreciation.

4. Send ‘Thank You’ Cards

Writing cards to staff members in your office is a great way to build camaraderie in your office. Make sure to personalize your cards to show that you put effort into coming up with something complimentary to say about each person with whom you work. This move goes to show that even the smallest actions can lead to positivity in your industry.

OT continuing education

The work occupational therapists perform is vital to the quality of life patients experience when they leave the office.

5. Decorate the Office

Office decorations can show your staff you appreciate them while also educating people who come into the area. You might consider creating plaques to celebrate the hardworking occupational therapists in your office or putting up historical posters. Occupational therapy has a rich history that often goes unnoticed, but you can take the lead in recognizing it this month.

6. Challenge Your Employees

Photo challenges with an occupational therapy theme provide a fun way to bring the office together. Post your photos on Instagram based on a keyword for each day of the month. Occupational therapy words might include ‘eating’ and ‘coordination.’ You can emphasize motor skills, socialization, self-regulation, and other components associated with your field.

7. Pursue Continuing Education

Finally, make sure to discuss the need for OT continuing education. Occupational Therapy Courses offer an excellent way to connect with your field in a new way. Sign up for courses today to pursue new opportunities in the occupational therapy industry.

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