6 Surprising Facts About Physical Therapy

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6 Surprising Facts About Physical Therapy

When you go to school for physical therapy, it is only natural that you pick up on new information about your occupation. When you attend physical therapy CEU, you take in new and exciting data about your industry. For instance, did you know that the United States has more than 239,000 physical therapists?

If you are just getting started as a physical therapist or you have been in love with the industry for years, these facts may surprise you. Understanding the rich history of your profession may help you fall even deeper in love with it.

Fact #1: Physical Therapists May Utilize Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy is a practice used for treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, and fitness. The benefits of aquatic therapy are that it addresses the cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal systems. Warm water allows the body to relax while also increasing circulation and stimulating balance. The water also allows enough resistance for effective strength training.

Fact #2: Physical Therapists Have a Long History in the United States

The army utilized nurses in World War I to rehabilitate soldiers who had been wounded. Physical and occupational therapy techniques were common. Before that, physical therapists treated individuals with polio beginning around 1916. Until the advent of the polio vaccine, physical therapists would use exercise, traction, and massage to ease symptoms.

Fact #3: Physical Therapists Have an Even Longer History in the World

Historians suspect that Hippocrates and Galen were among the first physicians to utilize physical therapy. They treated their patients with the help of hydrotherapy and massage. Hippocrates was especially inclined to use natural therapies and studied anatomy thoroughly in order to do this. It all makes sense when you consider that Aristotle claimed that physical exercise would be the key to physical health.

Fact #4: A Woman Created the APTA

At first, physical therapy was considered a career field for women. In 1921, a woman named Mary McMillan organized the American Physical Therapy Association, which was then known as the Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association. By the 1960s, membership to the APTA reached nearly 15,000. We all know that this a practice that currently welcomes and suits people of all genders and backgrounds.

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What makes physical therapists so happy? It could be the rewarding opportunities to help make a difference.

Fact #5: Physical Therapists Are Happy

Forbes ranked physical therapists among the happiest occupations based on factors like flexibility and median salary. Projected job growth for physical therapists was also slated in a positive direction partly due to the increasing population of seniors. Additionally, physical therapists are finding more work helping people rehabilitate after experiencing strokes, seizures, heart attacks, and chronic health conditions.

Fact #6: Physical Therapy Is a Cost-Effective Treatment

Physical therapy patients report spending less money on average than other patients, particularly when they reported symptoms like back pain. For patients with chronic health conditions, like diabetes and obesity, regular treatments may ease some of the costs associated with necessary pain relief treatments. In some cases, individuals who have completed physical therapy have reported the same recovery as individuals who have undergone surgery.

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