Effective Home Exercise Program Design for Senior Patients


This course provides learners with state-of-the-art literature on orthopedic special tests for the upper extremity, with attention to the statistics that support and/or dispute the continued relevance of each.

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Therapeutic exercise is an important part of the plan of care for many senior patients; as such, education in a home exercise program is key to both keeping gains made in therapy, and to continue to progress after discharge. This course considers the evidence for the importance of exercise and presents the elements of exercise program design, followed by an examination of evidence-based tests and assessments for aerobic endurance and strength. Exercise modifications for senior patients and considerations for individuals with comorbidities are also addressed

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Recall benefits related to exercise
  • Recognize age-related physiological changes, with attention to how each impacts the plan of care in general and an exercise program specifically
  • Identify elements of effective exercise program design
  • Distinguish between assessments for aerobic endurance and strength, as well as other relevant assessments
  • Recall exercise modifications and group programs relevant to senior patients
  • Identify special considerations pertaining to senior patients with comorbidities